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Where do the sessions take place?

     The Studio sessions take place in my studio in Jerusalem. The outdoor sessions can take place anywhere, depending on what you prefer. Any location requiring transportation will incur an additional travel fee. 

What kind of clothing should my children)wear?

   Clothing sets the mood of the picture, elegant clothes are more formal where as everyday wear can be less formal and more fun. If you bring a change of clothing you can get both looks! 

What can I expect before a Photo shoot?

   Before your session we will have a phone consultation. We will discuss the various location options as well as your child(ren)'s wardrobe. During this conversation I recommend that you tell me anything you would like me to know about your child(ren).

How long is your session?

    Each session is personal, its about you, therefore there are no time constraints. A typical studio session lasts anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour. An outdoor session though can be anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. The session is calm an relaxed with no pressure of being rushed. This give your child(ren) a chance to warm up and act themselves. In this way I make sure that we have many great pictures to choose from.

When is the best time for an outdoor session?

     The optimal time for an outdoor session is in the late afternoon. The sun is lower in the sky and therefore it is shadier and usually cooler at that point. 

What is the optimal age to do a newborn shoot?

   The newborn stage is so pure and so fleeting. Why not capture the moment and hold on to the memories forever. A newborn session is ideally done when the baby is fourteen days or younger. During the first two weeks is when your baby is the sleepiest, and that is when you will get all those dreamy newborn shots we all love.

Do you have gift cards?

Yes! and what a great idea it is. Whether a  close friend or relative is making a simcha, having a birthday, or  just because, give them a gift they will always treasure. 

Whats your cancellation Policy?

We know that sometimes things come up and a scheduled photo shoot has to be postponed. (ie weather related, child is not feeling well etc.) If a new shoot is not rescheduled with in 2 weeks of the original scheduled session there is a 150nis cancellation fee. 

Have any more questions?

Please feel free to contact me for further questions and/or pricing information. 

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